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International Scientific Advisors Announces Community Partnership with Boots to Books

Powerful coalition will deliver free training and support services for the military community transitioning into the health industry.

October 20, 2022 International Scientific Advisors (ISA), a community of like-minded individuals, organizations, and companies on a mission to serve with a purpose and shape the future of lifesaving technologies, has announced a partnership with Boots to Books to deliver comprehensive career-building resources, support, and access to their military-connected community.

According to a recent report on veteran underemployment, Challenges on the Home Front: Underemployment Hits Veterans Hard, nearly one-third of veteran job seekers are underemployed – a rate 15.6% higher than that of non-veteran job seekers. The study noted, “This higher rate of underemployment may result from the transition process itself, which often results in veterans taking sub-optimal employment in order to replace income immediately after service, particularly in situations where transitioning service members have families to support and cannot afford an extended job search or educational period.”

ISA and Boots to Books aim to shift this paradigm.

The military community can require new skills, flexible work, support, and connections to successfully gain optimal employment in the civilian workforce, and hiring managers often lack awareness and understanding of how to engage military talent in private enterprise.

The powerful, mission-aligned partnership between ISA and Boots to Books will facilitate the exchange of scholarships, training, career-building resources, support, and civilian workforce exposure to military-connected communities.

Dr. Eric Hanson, CEO and Co-Founder of ISA shared, “We are excited to partner with Books to Books to deliver co-sponsored fellowships to incoming ISA Fellows. The synergistic effect of aligning our missions and activities will provide a plethora of training and support opportunities to veterans as they transition into the health industry and shape the future of lifesaving technologies.”

Under the new alliance, ISA and Boots to Books will engage in co-promotion, community events, education, and scholarship awards at no cost to military-connected candidates. They will also cross-refer candidates into ISA training programs for skill-building, and out to civilian employment, contract, and Advisory Board opportunities.

Peter Cline, President and Co-Founder of Boots to Books says, “ISA is a unique partner in that their organization provides very specialized training for the military community looking to transition into the health tech industry. ISA’s is a great complement to Boots to Books mission to provide competitive education and employment opportunities.”

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About Boots to Books

Boots to Books assists military veterans and their families to attain competitive education and employment opportunities. Whether it be funding a professional certification, writing a resume, networking, higher education, or an opportunity to get hired at a great company like Amazon, Oracle, or Accenture, it is always free from B2B. For more information or to make a gift, visit

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