Sperry was building a low cost and ruggedized ventilator for invasive and non-invasive care for clinical and operational
settings, humanitarian missions, and low- to middle-income country settings.

However, they were struggling to: Expand and verify end-user required differentiators for their prototype platform;
Efficiently navigate DoD and other Federal Agencies requesting ventilator tech; and Obtain non-dilutive funding to
accelerate commercialization.


This client asked us to assist their team in pursuing near-term non-dilutive funding from NSF and strategic DoD/Federal Agency guidance to accelerate early development.

In addition, Sperry will expand from NSF SBIR-funded research to seeking Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal Agencies funding as follow on expansion and innovation projects. During the NSF Phase I award, additional innovations were added following end-user discussions and interest was captured during Federal Agency meetings. By Phase II submission, our Client knew what was required by NSF and for future DoD/Federal Agency applications…and they trusted us to get them there.

Our Services

  • Technology Innovation Guidance
  • Pursue Non-Dilutive Funding Projects
  • Establish DoD and Federal Agency Communications

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